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Relocate.HOME VIP

Relocating into the city with your family and want your kids to fall in love with the new home? Dreaming of crashing on a new fresh bed after a tiring flight? Busy and need help with creating your new home? We'll handle everything for you so you can start your new job the next day! A service that will begin before you start packing while you are at home on your sofa! We will design and plan your new home, purchase, install, manage deliveries and organize everything for you before you arrive!

Sandy Beach


Planned to stay here only for a year but found yourself for much longer? Happens to the best of us! Your home looks like Amazon and Ikea showroom and the walls are naked? We can help you with a quick makeover! We will create a design plan specifically for your style, needs, and space. Walk you through the options and monitor your budget! 
For extra busy families we can add a staging day, in it we will install all the new items, hang pictures, paint walls, etc.

Living Room


Leaving in New-York and expecting a new addition to the family? Didn’t have the time to design your children’s room? Want a special touch? Together we will create a design plan and come out with the best solutions for your precious ones' space! We will find unique items, create a layout and budget for the project. If you are busy, we will schedule a staging day and handle installation and styling for you!

Baby room in scandinavian style with arm


Moving to the city and can manage the project? Need only help with designing and finding the perfect items for your new home? This package is great for families that can send one of the family members before the move or has where to stay in the first weeks of the relocation. We'll help you to do it yourself! We'll create a complete list of the items you need for a great start, design your new space and manage time frames. After finishing the process, you’ll place all orders, receive deliveries and build your new home by yourself!

Conceptual house composed of DIY and con


New office in the city? Want to match it to the design concept back home, or to create a special design for it? We are here for you! We will work on the layout according to your needs, budget, and space. We will purchase everything, manage deliveries and install all in 3 days max!

Modern Office
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